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Active Recreation in Montenegro’s South Coast

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Written by Suzana
Ulcinj is an exciting “base camp” for travel excursions in the immediate area, and throughout Montenegro. Ulcinj is one of those unusual settings, where through much of the year, a traveler can be on a warm, sunny beach in the afternoon, and skiing some of Europes finest new ski slopes the next morning.Ulcinj’s coastal setting also allows guests to experience a wide array of boating, deep sea fishing, scuba diving among offshore historic wrecks, jet skiing, and any other water sports that can be imagined.

Montenegro’s Mountaineering Association, mountaineering clubs, as well as non governmental organizations have established Montenegro’s “Coastal Mountain Transversal Route.” The 6,000 kilometer trail network is being prepared as a national route network for hikers and mountainbikers that will provide new access to still unexplored natural areas of beauty of Montenegro’s southern hinterland.

The “Coastal Mountain Transversal Route” was inaugurated in 2006 and offers excellent opportunities for active tourists. It starts from the coastal mountains, from Orjen (north of the Bay of Kotor) through Lovcen down south to Rumija in the Ulcinj-Bar area. Even a day-trip along this path lets you enjoy breathtaking views; outdoor enthusiasts get to know rare Mediterranean plants and herbs as well as historical caravan routes, old military fortifications and places of ethnological interest.

Tara River Excursions — The Tara River Gorge, also known as Tara Canyon, is the route of the Tara River, the deepest canyon in Montenegro and Europe, at 78 kilometers in length and 1,300 meters at its deepest. The canyon is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a part of Durmitor national park. The Tara River is fed by the confluence of the Ospanica and Verusa rivers in the Dinaric Alps of Montenegro. The river provides the largest European supply of drinking water.

Rafting on the Tara River is a popular recreation activity in Montenegro. One popular rafting route follows an 18 kilometer course starting from Brstnovica, that takes approximately three hours. Other rafting routes allows enthusiasts to follow much of the dramatic Tara River Gorge – Europe’s deepest gorge – passing near waterfalls, under bridges, near old Roman roads, and of course, through “white water” rougher waters for those that enjoy the most exciting of rafting trips.

Photography Tours – Montenegro is a popular destination for photographers seeking to capture a unique sense of place, time, and circumstance. Setting as varied as mountaintop vistas, shimmering beaches, olive groves, historic towns and villages, and a fascinating local population, make for an interesting journey of images.

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