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Hotel Mediteran is an exciting “base camp” for travel excursions in the immediate area, and throughout Montenegro. The Ulcinj-Bar South Coast region of Montenegro, is one of the top travel destinations in the Adriatic. The region is rich with extensive options for day trips, entertainment and recreational activities throughout coastal Montenegro. Day trips to Sasko Lake, scuba diving excursions to sunken wrecks, jet-skiing, boat tours of scenic coastal Montenegro, day trips to beautiful Long Beach (Velika Plaza) and even extreme sports including kite-surfing are easily arranged.

Visitors are attracted by the natural beauty of Ulcinj’s extensive beaches, rolling hillsides, and 2,000-year history, as well as the gracious hospitality of its people .

Also known as Long Beach (and Plazha Madhe in Albanian), is one of Montenegro’s great natural assets – it is the country’s longest contiguous beach and its most famous Adriatic beach. The beach is well-know for being covered with the finest sand (the diameter of a grain is 0.1-5mm) with such a fine quality that it is reputed to have medicinal and therapeutic qualities.


Velika Plaza

Lake Skadar National Park — This truly enormous lake and national treasure of Montenegro is located about seven kilometers from the Adriatic Sea coast. The lake is approximately 44 kilometers in length and is situated in both Montenegro and Albania.

Velika Plaza Surf

The Ada Bojana (Ada Buna) area of the Ulcinj coast is a popular destination with international travelers to Montenegrins, and perhaps most telling, among Montenegrins as well. This is due largely to the natural beauty of the area and the daily fresh fish catch served at Ada Bojana restaurants. Some of the mostscenic portions of Velika Plaza (Long Beach) are here in Ada Bojana, attracting a multitude of beach-goers on any given day.

Ulcinj Port Milena 2

Valdanos Olive Groves – According to Ulcinj tradition a man cannot be married until he has planted at least one olive tree. For centuries Ulcinj has been an active olive-growing region, giving Ulcinj a reputation for fine olive oils. Harvest time is a memorable experience for those than can partake due to the singing of the pickers.


Bird Watching the Adriatic Flyway – at the Ulcinj Salt Works Factory — This protected eco-system in Ulcinj is one of the world’s top birdwatching locations, since Ulcinj and its surroundings are major resting points for over 200 bird species on their migration paths. During the winter months, more than 20,000 birds are typically nested here – a remarkable sight.

Ulcinj Salt Pans

Valdanos Bay, a horsehoe-shaped natural water body, is situated about four miles to the north of Ulcinj’s Old Town, between Mavrijen and Mendra. The bay’s end point falls steeply and suddenly into the sea. The beach at Valdanos is single, composed of round stones 1 to 20 cm in diameter.


It is one of many beaches in Montenegro’s South Coast with a special following among visitors to the region, as well as local residents. Known as Zenska Plaza in Montenegrin and Plazhi GraveĀ in Albanian. Ladies Beach is known for its curious waters, a mixture of sulfur from an underwater spring, radium and sea salts. Pine resin from the sea trees at Ladies Beach, wafts in the air above the beach. Locals have long believed that Ladies Beach and its sea caves offer curative powers for ailments, and specific help to women with fertility issues

Ladies Beach

Velika Plaza

The woods of Biogradska Gora are simply a phenomenon, situated on slopes with as much as a 1,000 meters in height differential, along with Lake Biograd’s serene beauty, provide an unusual variety of microclimates in a compact area. The woods are the most important natural feature of the park, as the 1,600-hectare woods are one of the last three primeval forests in Europe. The forests of Montenegro are also extraordinary – more than a third of Montenegro is covered with broad-leaved forest canopies, primarily in the high mountain areas of the country

Ulcinj Long Beach

Durmitor National Park – This national park is one of the great natural treasures of the world, encompassing 39,000 hectares and such features as 48 mountain peaks 13 glacial cirques, 18 glacial lakes, three huge canyons (Tara, Susica, and Komarnica), and an endless array of springs, sink-holes, caves, and hiking trails.


Stari Grad Ulcinj – The scenic old walled town of Ulcinj – known as Stari Grad Ulcinj or simply Stari Grad, was founded in the 5th century BC by the Colchinians. Before the Colchinians, the Illyrians, a people of Indo-European origin, were active in the Ulcinj-Bar “South Coast” region since prehistoric times.

Ulcinj Old Town Ramparts

Stari Grad Ulcinj

Stari Grad Bar – a historic spot of the town of Bar is the Old Bar Fortress, situated on a 4-hectare hilltop just four kilometers from the sea. This old “fortress town” was first mentioned in writings from the 9th Century when Mihajlo Vojislavljevic, the first King of Montenegro was crowned in Bar in 1077.

Old Town Door

Stari Bar, The Old Fortress

Shkodra is one the most ancient cities in Albania, rich in history and culture. Shkodra was founded in the IV century B.C., the principal town of Illyrian tribe of Labeats and later on during the reign of King Gent the chief centre of the Illyrian state.



Bari, Italy – is located a short ferry trip across the Adriatic Sea, from Montenegro’s South Coast. Bari’s role as a strategic harbor and landside crossroads dates to 181 BC. For a brief period of 20 years starting in 847, Bari was captured by Islamic invaders and became the Emirate of Bari under the emir Kalfun

Ulcinj Region Landscape

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